Healthy Cars Make a Happy Planet

Healthy cars run more efficiently and more cleanly. By keeping your car running smoothly you can help reduce the amount of fossil fuels consumed as well as reduce the pollutants released into the air.

Other Tips For Improving Vehicle Efficiency

Using Cargly to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape is a great way to ensure you're running as efficiently as possible, but how you drive is important, too. Here are some tips to help you be even more efficient!

  • When driving on the highway, drive 5 miles slower, use cruise control, and if your car has overdrive, turn that on.
  • Drive smoothly. Avoid unnecessary acceleration and deceleration.
  • Only use your right foot for both gas and brake. When you drive with your left foot on the brake, you're more likely to accidentally press it which can kill your MPG.
  • Use your turn signals. This allows others on the road to drive more efficiently also.
  • Remove all unnecessary weight from your vehicle. Every extra pound counts!