Fuel Efficiency

Track your fill-ups with Cargly's refueling log. We'll keep your fuel economy up-to-date even when you insert or remove entries.

Don't always fill your tank? No problem. Fill it up to start with, then go as long as you want with partial fill-ups. The next time you fill it up completely, we'll calculate your fuel economy back to the last complete fill up.


Cargly's maintenance log is perfect for keeping track of every tune-up or repair you do on your vehicles.

Also, Cargly will plot your maintenance and repairs on a line chart of your fuel economy. This makes it easy to see if maintenance you've done positively or negatively impacts your car's fuel economy.


Cargly is perfect for tax deductions and employer reimbursements. The trip log has support for the standard tax deduction categories: business, charitable, medical, and relocating.

If your employer reimburses you for the miles you drive, simply enter the rate per mile and Cargly will calculate your reimbursement.


With checkups you can stay on top of every aspect of your car's health. Whenever you inspect a component on your vehicle, record its health - green, yellow, or red - and any measurements or actions you took. If you have multiple vehicles, we make it easy to keep track of which ones will need new parts soon.

Maintenance Schedule

Take that sticker off your windshield — Cargly makes it easy to create reminders for your cars. Enter as many reminders as you want and we'll send you an email when the time is right.


We know it's not always the same person driving or taking care of your cars. So Cargly made sharing cars easy. Send an invite to the people who use your cars, and they can enter their refuelings, maintenance, and trip data.

Import & Export

We don't hold your data hostage. We make it easy to export any of your data in comma-separated-values (CSV) format. And if you've got data in a spreadsheet somewhere and you'd like to import it, we can do that, too.


The dashboard makes it easy to see high level details and compare your cars to each other. Among other things, you can see if you're spending more money on fuel or repairs, your average daily costs, and we'll even estimate your expected monthly costs.

Vital Statistics

Cargly can show you much more about your car than just fuel economy and spending. How far are you driving? What's your cost-per-mile? How does your average fuel economy compare to your best? You can also compare the current data to previous years to see how your cars are trending over time.

Fill Up With Your Phone

On iOS, our Cargly Fill Up app makes it easy to enter your refueling data while standing at the pump.

On Android, we have both a Paid and a free app. Both apps let you enter refuelings as well as service. The only difference is the free version is ad-supported.

All our mobile apps allow you to use your phone's GPS to record the location of the refueling station.