Privacy Policy

Effective: January 1, 2011

Cargly values your privacy. This privacy policy covers the collection and use of your personal information any time you interact with the Cargly website or the Cargly team.

Account Creation

In an effort to minimize the need to remember another password, Cargly requires that a user associate their Cargly account with one of their existing accounts such as Facebook, GMail (Google's email service), or another OpenID provider (referred to as 'authentication providers' below). Cargly has no formal affiliation with these authentication providers and simply uses standard and accepted mechanisms to integrate with them.

When you sign-in using one of these auth providers, you will be directed to a website external to the Cargly website where you provide your login credentials (usually a username and password). Upon success you will be redirected back to the Cargly website. As a result of this sign-in process, Cargly is provided with a unique user identifier (usually a number), your email address, and possibly your first and last name (Facebook only). Cargly never has access to your password. If you want to discontinue the use of a third-party authentication provider, you will need to do so using their website.

Cargly doesn't use any social data that may be available using these third-party authentication providers. For example, we never attempt to access your list of Facebook friends.

Information Collected

Cargly is designed to make management of your vehicles as simple as possible. The information we collect is intended to help us achieve this goal.

When you visit the Cargly website, certain information is logged regarding your visit: the time and day of the visit, your IP address, the operations you performed while on the site, and any errors that may have occurred. This information is required to ensure proper functioning of the website.

Additionally, anonymous demographic data is also collected such as your approximate location, your web browser type, your operating system, pages visited, and duration of visit.

Also, we collect any information you directly provide to us. This includes, but is not limited to: your first and last name, postal (zip) code, vehicle make/model, vehicle year, vehicle mileage, vehicle color, and vehicle purchase price. When you use Cargly to record information about a refueling we record the date and time of refueling, vehicle mileage at refueling, fuel cost, fuel amount, and refuel location. When you use Cargly to record maintenance we record the date and time of the maintenance, the vehicle's mileage, the cost, the location, and an itemized list of the type of maintenance completed.

Information Use

The information collected is used to provide and support the various Cargly services. The information is used to support and maintain your Cargly account, to allow you to sign in, and to provide visualizations of the data in a meaningful and useful way. Your IP address is used to troubleshoot problems that you or other users may experience. We do not permanently store IP addresses. Your email address is used to send you alerts regarding upcoming vehicle maintenance and in the future to announce new Cargly features. You will always be able to opt-out/turn-off the use of your email address.

Other possible uses include those that provide new services to all Cargly users. For example, we may use your provided information to help other users answer questions like "how much do other Ford F-150 owners pay for an oil change?".

When you use the mobile version of the website (browse to using your iPhone or Android phone) to record a refueling or other maintenance, the app may record the business location using the GPS sensor in your phone. Your browser will ask for your permission before it allows access to the GPS functionality. We use this information to provide you with greater context when you're inspecting your vehicle's refueling or maintenance history. This information is helpful when you what to answer questions like "where did I get my oil changed last?", or "did I like the business that gave me my last tune-up?". In addition, we may also use this location information to answer other user's questions like "where do other BMW owners take their cars for service?". In this case, we'll never give access to any personally identifying information. If you deny the use of your location when your browser requests access, you'll still be able to give a name to your current location and Cargly will still maintain a list of "recently visited" for you. In which case, there is no specific location information stored.

We never provide your personal data to any third-parties. We may, however, provide aggregated and anonymous data to third-parties. For example, we may aggregate your and other's data in order to share information such as "how many people in Austin, Texas drive Chevys".


Cargly is committed to the security of your information and takes reasonable precautions to protect it. However, no data transmitted over the internet can be 100% secure. As a result, any information you provide to Cargly is done at your own risk.


Cookies are pieces of information retrieved from our servers and stored on your hard drive. These cookies are sent back to us each time your browser sends a request to our servers. We require the use of cookies to know the identity of the user that is making a particular request. There is usually no identifying information stored in these cookies. Usually they are just random characters such as "ads3msj3d-26ms2". If you login with Facebook, however, a cookie will be created that contains your Facebook userid. This is usually just a number, but it can be used to identify you on Facebook. If you use Facebook to sign into Cargly (or any website), you should always remember to sign out.

Cargly uses Google Analytics in order to understand who is using the Service. Google Analytics uses cookies to keep track of things such as browser type, IP address, time spent on each page, and type of operating system. Google has created a browser plugin you can use to opt-out: opt-out of Google Analytics.

Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. Doing so will likely affect your ability to access and use Cargly.

International Users

While Cargly does not currently provide a service suitable for international users, such users should be warned that if they enter personal information into Cargly, that information will be transmitted to and stored in the US and the US may have less restrictive requirements regarding the use of your data.


This Privacy Policy will likely change over time. Please check back occasionally to see what's changed. We'll post the current effective date at the top of this document so you will know when changes were last made.


Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be sent to